Solution We Provide

F&B(Ambient & Cold Trucks)
  • Retail Distribution
  • Cold Chain Distribution
  • Hamper Delivery (B2C)
  • Warehouse & Distribution Services
  • Transit & Console Trucks
General B2C Distribution (Electrical Appliances)
  • Door to Door Services
  • Basic Installation
Customization Project
  • Installation included
    • Office Moving
    • Showroom Moving
    • Event Set Up
  • Transit HUB (Ipoh/JB/Penang/KL) & Distribution

Every company are facing the same issues regarding to their driver, for Senheng, the main issues for their lorry drivers is their driver attendance rate. For SenHeng, part of their lorry driver attendance rate are not as good as expected although they have heavy penalty system to restrict them.

So, we provide them a solution, we Trained our Driver to be more RESPONSIBLE, COURTEOUS and DIGITALIZE.

A RESPONSIBLE driver will care about their attendance rate, the goods that they are going to deliver(Handling with care), their image that they represents(SenHeng) and their Vehicle(Maintenance and Cleanliness).

A COURTEOUS driver will be polite and friendly to every customers. This will greatly improve the image of the represented company(Senheng).

A DIGITALIZE driver will be Apps Handy. They are able to use complicated apps for the delivery process. All the docs and proof(Picture of goods) will all be online.

LAZADA Project

Due to peak seasons on November (11.11) and December (12.12 & Christmas), Lazada has short of lorry to help them deliver big items (Electrical Appliances/Furniture like fridge, TV, washing machines, dryer, sofa, cabinet etc.)

So, we provide them a solution, our Trained Driver and Well Maintain Trucks to help them go through the MOST PEAK SEASON for ONLINE SHOPPING.

Every morning 8am, our trucks has already stand by at their warehouse to completed every order that LAZADA request.

This help LAZADA to fulfil their promise for DELIVER WITHIN 3 DAYS.


For Hamper Delivery, we need to be very cautions due to there would be fragile items inside the Hamper. Besides, due to the fragility of the Hamper, we are not able to fully utilize the space inside a lorry.

So, we provide a solution to them.

First we fully load the hamper on the lorry and neatly arranged it into columns, then we reuse those old cupboards to separate the columns and make a platform on the Hamper. This allow us to put another level of Hamper on the platform make by cupboard.

With this solution, we manage to fully utilize the space of a boxed lorry and help them to save cost for another lorry.