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JustLorry provides visibility inventory, order status and transactions. Looking for a regular tracking update? JustLorry IT team can do it all because they lead technology initiatives and develop wide processes and procedures. Our IT team provided LIVE Camera Streaming to customer for keep Tracking and monitoring the progress as well as the movement of the job. There are many businesses which rely heavily on lorries for transportation to move customer or business product.

We decided to use GPS tracking to keep our lorry on track. With a lorry tracking, you can ensure complete control and most important is save cost. In a meantime, with a lorry tracker, you don’t need to keep call us or rely on manual sheet to get delivery status because all this process can see through this tracking systems.

To expand our service, we covered most major cities in Peninsula and removed the complexity of waiting endlessly. We provide you with a tracking code for your tracking information regular updates - simple and convenient!