Office Mover in Malaysia

According some researches on websites, we find out that a lot of employer choose to move after the holiday rush is over. We look it can be a good idea. As we all know, office moving service needs a multi-step process that requires careful planning and several preparation steps. Moving an office or business, is a complicated process than moving a household. So, no wonder JustLorry which play important role as a middleman that handles all the negotiations between customers and office movers will try help you reduce your stress by easing the process.

We think many Malaysians, should be familiar with Office Movers Malaysia which it is a part of our services.

What we do?

  • JustLorry is expertise in office moving service
  • Our vendor professionally trained to handle all aspects of office relocation include in Singapore

For office moving, ensure the schedule is feasible, discuss the plan with all your employee involved with the move. Ensure that each employee takes responsibility for packing their desk, files and personal item. Remember to pack all your stuff carefully and make sure you have prepared everything such as management approval before making a move to avoid any unwanted incidents.

But, if you need our assist, our vendor who registered with us will help and therefore you should hire our Office Movers Malaysia services:

  • Inspect
  • We will send a project manager in charge to manage and inspect all your tool in office.
  • Send box
  • For next day, we will send one team to pack, dismantle, reassemble all the tools and label it
  • Loading
  • All job as above once completed, we will be loading all the item and send to the location as required provide affordable, hassle-free office moving services and satisfaction guaranteed. We are your expert in this service, let us handle the moving exercise for you as we have years of experience and expertise and we ensure the moving process in an efficient and systematic.

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