International Relocation Service

We know international relocation services vary from country to country and the process of relocation is often difficult and time-consuming. But, today the world is becoming increasingly interconnected making international relocations a common case.

The good news is with the right moving company, your international relocation can be easier. That is what JustLorry is for! We specialize in International Relocation Services and we ensure that your moving process is a success no matter where you move on. We can assist you every single step of the way.

Despite the fact that we just developed our services two years ago, we are now able to provide international moving services. Therefore, to ensure any move abroad is as stress-free as possible, you must choose an international relocation service like us which is trusted to securely transport all your good to another country. offers international moving services to our neighbour countries such as Thailand and Singapore. Our specialists can provide you with a moving plan customized to your personal specifications and budget. In addition, the documentation required for cross border clearance will be also done by us.

All you need to do is provide the below:

  • An accurate list of items to be move and declared. We are offering world-class pre-assignment, transportation and forwarding services with a consistent end-to-end moving experience.
  • Moving across Thailand and Singapore

Hence, our well-trained team can handle this moving project to and from everywhere in Malaysia to these two locations (Thailand and Singapore). Our reputation is the outcome of our professional and hardworking team. We can make international moving to be an easy process while providing you with the best assistance possible.

Let’s hire us to assist you in the moving process. To ease your moving, whether transporting a larger number of goods either smaller, our vendor has developed specialised packaging methods to ensure minimal damage to your precious belongings.

What makes our service unique:

  • Full insurance coverage to protect goods
  • Our vehicles are equipped with a tracking system
  • Great group packers

On your schedule

Give us an accurate list of items to be move and declared.

Moving across world

Our professional team will handle this moving project to and from everywhere in the world.

Service unique

Full insurance coverage to protect your items.

We're here to make moving easy!

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