Disposal Service

Cleaning out the entire house is not an easy task especially to those who move out from a rented house. Sure, you must work to clear everything out, stack the trash and sweep the floors. Then, you are left with a big pile of unwanted stuff which will ultimately need to be removed. So, we provide a junk removal service to eliminate all of the unwanted items. This gives you a complete cleanout and you can even haul it away at your own convenience.

We know all about how to do proper sorting and disposal of your items. Clearing out alone could be one of the toughest jobs. So, save your time and energy by just calling us because our friendly team is always happy to meet all your Junk Removal Needs. We will make your life and your cleaning process much easier and stress-free for you and your family.

JustLorry.com provides a low-cost disposal service and will dispose of your item with just a few simple clicks. We will be typically responding to your request within 48 hours or on the same day. To smoothen the House Cleaning and Junk Removal process, our team will collect your unwanted stuff end to end and take it away for reuse, recycle and disposal at a licensed disposal facility.

Unwanted Stuff

Clear everything of your waste and unwanted stuff needed to be removed. It's that easy.

On your schedule

Call us to haul away your junk when you are ready.

A clean house

We will collect your unwanted stuff and disposal at a licensed disposal facility.

We're here to make moving easy!

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