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Simplified platform for residents to engage with Township Management.

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JUSTLORRY engaged with Gamuda Land to provide value added moving service to all residence stayed within Gamuda Land property at affordable rate.

This Residents Management App by Gamuda Land is an integrated application which is designed to simplify day to day operation of a community. The application caters different functions for the township management team, residents and visitors with user friendly user-interface for Android and iOS. The objective of this application is provide a simplified platform for residents to engage with Township Management, as well as to add value and convenience to all residents when it comes to various aspects of township amenities and community living. The users of the app have the privileges to expedite the conventional operations method by just referring to one single application.

Exclusive listing in Gamuda Land Residential App –management application for all residence:

            1.	The Robertson, KL
            2.	Valencia, Sg. Buloh
            3.	Jade Hills, Kajang
            4.	Jadite Suites, Kajang