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Simplified platform for residents to engage with Township Management.

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Currently, JUSTLORRY participate in engagement program with top property management app, Alfred to promote our service.

Alfred APP help connect property developers with their homeowners during the vacant possession period. Alfred APP have design a solution that will allow homeowners to lodge defects of their properties without going to the management office.

Exclusive listing in Alfred App – management application for all residence:

          1. Residensi Sentulmas
          2. Ppa1m
          3. Residensi Puchongmas
          4. Parkhill
          5. Residensi Pandanmas 2
          6. Residensi Razakmas
          7. The Holmes
          8. Residensi Desamas
          9. Residensi Kuchaimas
          10. The Hermington
          11. The Herz
          12.The Havre
          13.The Haute
          14.The Henge
          15.Residensi Kepongmas 2
          16.The Hamilton
          17.The Hamstead
          18.Residensi Desa Satumas
          19.Residensi Jalilmas
          20.Residensi Tasikmas
          21.Residensi Wangsamas
          22.Residensi Gurneymas
          23.Residensi Pandamas
          26.Citizen 2