International Mover In Singapore

Let’s be honest, why Malaysians prefer more to work in Singapore? This is definitely because Singapore has a superior currency and status as a developed country. Singapore has become one of the top destinations for better life quality and career prospects.

So, it’s no wonder that Malaysians are crossing over the Johor-Singapore Causeway just to do difficult and dangerous jobs for better pay. For those without a property in Singapore, they would more often choose to stay in neighbouring Johor Bahru and commute daily.

Besides, a handful of us drive to Singapore but the problem is not just the traffic jam but driving during peak hours in both Malaysia and Singapore takes a longer time to reach your destinations. So, most of us started to find share room or house to rental to save cost and energy.

The handful of us that drive to Singapore have to endure hours stuck in a traffic jam. Eventually, many started to find a shared room or house to rent to save cost and energy.

So, are you searching for International Movers to Singapore? You’re on the right page. We can help to plan your moving project in a personalised way.

JustLorry has curated a fleet of the best International Movers in Singapore for individuals, corporations and families. Justlorry is a unique service which caters to the requirements of house moving, office moving, international moving and etc.

Through our simple moving services, we provide a seamless experience throughout the entire moving journey. Everything from piano moving to safe boxes is covered. You only have to select the services you need at

Firstly, you need to know how to move to Singapore:

  • How to move to Singapore with the right immigration permissions
  • As we all know, getting a visa can be lengthy process for any country. Start your visa application as soon you decide to move.
  • Singapore Visa Scheme
  • It’s important to know the types of work visa if you’re planning moving to Singapore
  • Employment Pass Endorsement
  • However, we accommodate your international moving needs all year long. For our International Movers in Singapore, here are our services:
  • Movers and Packers
  • Wrapping Material
  • Consultation

To know more details about our International Movers in Singapore, you can us at 012-5125878.