JustLorry has more than 800 vendors that can suit your demands which also help to ease our distribution jobs.

With our growing partners across Malaysia, Distribution works as easy as it sounds. Recently, we have more than 800 vendors across Central, Northern and Southern that suit customers’ demands. This will in turn help to ease our distribution jobs. This alliance allows JustLorry to offer a proven and reliable large-scale distribution and logistics network under a supplier platform. Our dynamic network provides an integrated logistics solution to meet any point needs.

To ensure goods passes until it reaches the end customer, we also provide a mobile application which aims to ease JustLorry partners to carry out Distribution Jobs. Through this application, our partner would be able to accept the job and distribute the items easier and faster. All of this gives the consumer a much better user experience and efficient service.

At JustLorry, our expertise in IT allows us to move towards becoming more. To date, we have been able to come up with a traceability system to trace our lorry positions at all times. The system is combined with GPS tracking system technology integrated with geofence algorithm to allow the customer and authorities (JustLorry) to see or monitor the activities that occur during the delivery process. However, our regional distribution and supply chain centre is to be in Pelabuhan Klang and Tanjung Pelepas, Johor Bahru.


We have more than 1500 trucks across Central, Northern and Southern


We provide the mobile application for our partner to accept the job and distribute the item easier and faster.


We guarantee no hidden cost, no GST and no service charge.

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