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One of the most important responsibilities of any logistical company is to make sure that customer items are able to be delivered to its designated located safely. At JustLorry, our client-based approach means that we take the safety of customer items as a personal responsibility. The same goes for our cross-border services as well.

cross border

JustLorry handle your moving project to and from everywhere in the world. Our proven track record of consistent delivery is simply down to the fact that we take good care of each individual item. Throughout the delivery process, we take numerous precautions to make sure that each item is able to arrive in one piece.

To ensure goods passes until it reaches to the end customer, we also provide a mobile application which is designed to ease our partners throughout the whole delivery process. Through this application, our partner would be able to accept the job and distribute the item easier and faster.

JustLorry promotes a transparent approach so that customers are able to know the whereabouts of their items at all times. We do so by using a traceability system to trace our lorry position. The system is then combined with GPS tracking system technology with a geofence algorithm to allow both customers and us to track activities throughout the whole delivery process. However, our regional distribution and supply chain centre is to be in Pelabuhan Klang and Tanjung Pelepas, Johor Bahru.


Give us an accurate list of items to be move and declared


Our specialists will handle this moving project to and from everywhere acorss the neighbour countries.


Full insurance coverage to protect your items.

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